2015 Field Show Tournament Ads

Entertainment Corps Students

In preparation for the Annual Irvine Invitational Field Show Tournament, we would appreciate your participation 
for this year's competition show program. We would like each instrumental music student to sell (or purchase) 
one, 1/8th page advertisement to your favorite real estate agent, dentist, hair stylist, restaurant and/or local merchants.
EASY to do. Just ask them if they would like to donate an ad for their business to be published 
in the program that will be viewed by over 2,500 audience members at the tournament.
      • Just print and fill out the form for each ad, attach any "camera-ready" artwork
      • Enclose payment made payable to IIFT.
      • Turn in ads by October 9, 2015.
Remember, 100% of the funds collected from the sale of these ads goes directly 
to the Woodbridge High School Instrumental Music Department Band, Percussion Ensemble, Colorguard & Dance Team.

IIFT Sample Ads