WHS Entertainment Corps

2015-2016 Season Highlights

Silver Medalists at State Championship for
"The Giving Tree"

Rally Band

California Adventure Parade

Performing at Football Games

Hanging Out

Entertainment Corps Basics

How do I wear and take care of my uniform?

"Soooo--it's not called a hat?"

Words you definitely need to know for Entertainment Corps.

Use this handy list to help you better understand news, events, and activities in the Woodbridge High School Music Program.
The part of the percussion section that marches with drums attached.

The process by which a student can move up in a section’s chair positions after initial seating has been set by the directors.

Colorguard / Auxiliary
Color guards perform precision drills and a mix of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, all with musical accompaniment while spinning flags, rifles, and sabers, both at football games and at indoor winter guard competitions. During the football season, the guard is known as the “auxiliary.”

Dance Team 
Dance team performs as part of Entertainment Corp. during the fall as part of the “auxiliary," and then competes against other dance teams during the winter and spring, when it is not considered part of the Corp.

Dress Rehearsal
The final rehearsal before a performance, a full run-through with all performers, stage crew, and staff. Despite the name, full attire is not required during this rehearsal.

Entertainment Corps
This unit that performs at all home football games and field tournaments. It includes the marching band, auxiliary, and dance team.

Flip Folder
A small book of plastic pages that holds marching band music. Students need these while learning the halftime show, and at all football games, pep rallies, and community events.

Field Tournament
A competition where marching bands compete with their halftime shows.

Male Dance Crew
An all-male dance team that performs mainly Hip-Hop-style dance routines.

A special clip that hooks onto an instrument to hold the flip folder in place. This allows the musician to play on the move.

The full drum and percussion instrument section, including both battery and pit.

Performance Ensembles
The band or orchestra that your student performs in. These meet as regular classes during standard school hours.

The part of the percussion section that is stationary in the front of the field. This includes the mallet equipment, timpani, drum sets, synthesizers, and other large instruments.

The feather that is affixed to the shako during performances.

A student-run rehearsal that occurs one day after school each week. Sectionals last approximately 30 minutes and attendance is required.

The hat that the band members wear during performances.