About Us

Each year, students share the joy of music through band, orchestra, and artistic dance opportunities—and you can enjoy this experience with them. Music is a family affair, and parents play an integral role in making music education a memorable time for their children.

Woodbridge High School takes pride in providing a well-balanced musical and performance experience for our students. We offer a wide variety of award-winning performing groups, and students, from freshmen to seniors, are sure to find a group that will not only fulfill their artistic education requirements, but will help them learn essential leadership and communication skills, and enable them to gain confidence that they can use in high school, college, the workplace, and beyond.

Starting a new school year can be quite overwhelming, so we have put together this handbook to help you understand how you can best support your children as they participate in the Instrumental Music Program. This handbook includes answers to some of the most commonly asked questions parents and students have, and provides explanations about class offerings and how you as a family can get involved in your student’s education.

While Woodbridge provides a core musical classroom experience, many of the extra-curricular components of the program could not exist without the participation and support of families and the community, both in volunteer efforts and through financial donations. We encourage all of our families to become active in the Woodbridge Music Boosters. You’ll find information about this key resource later in this handbook.

Throughout the school year, you will discover that the music program is one of the most essential elements for guaranteeing the success of our youth. If you have questions concerning any aspect of our program, we will be happy to meet with you at your convenience.

Musically yours,

Joslynne Blasdel (joslynneblasdel@iusd.org)

Brad Harris (bradharris@iusd.org)

Instrumental Music Program Directors